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I am taking some time out of my commercial and portrait shooting to concentrate on personal photo projects. However, if you have an interesting project to propose, please let me know and I will consider making an exception.

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Portrait and Corporate Photographer in Luxembourg – Latest Updates

It was a busy few months leading up to the summer season when things get typically quiet whilst people are away enjoying their holidays. I generally make the most of the quieter months of July and August to finish off outstanding tasks from the first half of the year and to make plans for the remaining four and a half active months of the year in terms of photography commissions. I also take some time to catch up on the latest developments in the portrait and corporate photography world over the Channel in the UK, via seminars and training sessions and to take some non-commissioned photos for my portfolio. I will share some of the results this in a separate blog post shortly.

During the second quarter of 2014 I undertook a number of portrait photography commissions for the American Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg (AmCham Luxembourg), one of which was particularly special … but that will be the subject of a separate blog post !

First up, a luncheon seminar entitled “What every Director needs to know” presented by the prominent Luxembourg business woman, Mme Marie-Jeanne Chevremont:

M-J Chevremont by Luxembourg Corporate Photographer Stephen Roberts









In May, Amcham held a luncheon presentation with Patrice Brun, Director of the Great Place to work institute in Luxembourg:

Luxembourg Corporate Photography Great Place to Work









I also took some corporate portrait photographs of Yves Jeanbaptiste, General Manager of Luxembourg printing company Faber:













In May, I photographed the first of 3 Ambassadors to Luxembourg who I would take photos of prior to 2 of them departing from Luxembourg for diplomatic assignments elsewhere. Firstly, we had a fun and lighthearted photo shoot with Diarmuid O’Leary, Irish Ambassador to Luxembourg who was soon to move from Luxembourg:










AmCham organised an evening at the American Embassy in Luxembourg with Luxembourg Minister of Finance, Pierre Gramegna as the guest speaker in the presence of the United States Ambassador to Luxembourg. I was on hand to capture photographs of the event and caught a candid moment of the Ambassador showing a family photo to the Minister and one of the guests:










As the anniversary celebrations of the outbreak of the second world war approached, AmCham undertook an interview with Scott Desjardins, Superintendent at the American Cemetery in Luxembourg:

Portrait at American Cemetery Luxembourg by Stephen Roberts Photography









Another evening seminar allowed ADEM to present recent changes to Luxembourg employment law. The subsequent Q&A session got a little bit animated:

ADEM Seminar in Luxembourg by Stephen Roberts Photography









My final portrait session with an Ambassador to Luxembourg was with Louise Bang Jespersen, the outgoing Danish Ambassador to Luxembourg. The Embassy in Luxembourg is closing down with duties (and the Ambassador herself) moving to Brussels :

Portrait of Danish Ambassador to Luxembourg by Stephen Roberts









In addition to the portrait photography sessions above, I was also commissioned to take a number of corporate photos for several businesses in Luxembourg. I particularly enjoyed the shoot with BBGI Luembourg who, once the formal portraits were finished, got together their team for the Luxembourg ING Marathon for a quick team picture:

BBGI Luxembourg Marathon Team Photograph by Stephen Roberts Photography









As I mentioned above, I undertook one other portrait photography shoot with a prominent figure in Luxembourg and I will reveal all in a further blog post shortly …. !

Contact me if you require any portrait or corporate photography in Luxembourg or the surrounding countries at

Until next update … enjoy the end of the summer :)


Luxembourg Portrait and Corporate Photographer – March Update

After a typically busy December of portrait and corporate photography in Luxembourg leading up to the Christmas period, January is always the month to take stock of the previous year and make plans for the coming 12 months …

One major decision taken was to upgrade my camera and I am now the proud owner of a Canon EOS 5D MkIII, one of the top of the range Canon full frame DSLR cameras. This camera excels in low light situations, allowing me to push the ISO range way beyond what I would be comfortable doing with my previous camera. The 5D MkIII also offers superior HD video capture and the camera is being used in the production of full length feature films. One of my projects for 2014 is to have a go at producing some HD video clips, so keep tuning in to see the results.

Back to the portrait and corporate photography, Rebecca and Julien came into the studio for some traditional portrait headshots. Once the individual photos were in the bag, we tried out some shots of both of them together, which yielded some fantastic results. Here is one example …

Corporate headshot photography in Luxembourg












I always look forward to January each year as it marks the dates of the annual convention of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP) in London. Once again, I went over for 6 days of solid photography training, learning new techniques and finding out about the latest trends in photography from some of the best practitioners in the world. The Convention also gives me an opportunity to network with other photographers and learn from their experiences.

I was asked to cover a couple of AmCham events during January and February 2014, the first being an interesting presentation on “living your legacy” with personal coach Brandi Karstadt …

Corporate photographer in Luxembourg









A very interesting seminar was held to discuss a unique entrepreneurial concept being proposed by the new Government in Luxembourg. The initiative is to introduce a regime, allowing entrepreneurs to create a business in one day, with one person and one Euro. The AmCham “111 Company’ event attracted a large turnout from many different sectors …

Event photographer in Luxembourg









I was lucky to be able to make a short visit to Warsaw in Poland in February 2014, and I spent a Saturday around the city with my camera. The day was bright and sunny but very cold … perfect conditions for photography, although my hands got too cold to manipulate the camera on a couple of occasions ! Warsaw was still in a Christmas mood, so I managed to capture some festive images which I will use for stock photography …

Warsaw at Christmas









Finally, a corporate photography session for Alter Domus in Luxembourg and I found some interesting viewpoints to make the most of the office environment …

Alter Domus Luxembourg portrait photography












Look out for the next update soon … Stephen


Luxembourg Portrait and Corporate Photography – October to December 2013

I am finally catching up since my last post in September.  I decided to roll the last 3 months’ activities into one update this time, since most photo sessions are finished for the rest of the year. I am now busy processing and delivering pictures prior to the festive season.

Early in October I covered an AmCham event focusing on the social elections that were soon to take place in Luxembourg (election of staff representatives). The event took place at the Chamber of Commerce with the post-event drinks being served in the foyer which was also hosting a photography exhibition. I rather liked the following picture of an attendee admiring one of the exhibited photos …

Corporate photography in Luxembourg by Stephen Roberts Photography









I took some time out in October and November to do a bit of travelling and I spent a couple of days in Budapest, which is wonderful city. The weather was rather mild for the time of year, so I got to do some wandering around with my camera. Here is an image that I quite like showing a slightly different view of one of the many bridges crossing between Buda and Pest …

Image from Budapest by Stephen Roberts Photography









Another assignment for AmCham was to shoot some portraits in Luxembourg for an interview with Laurent Saeul in Merkur, the magazine of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce. We met at the Conservatoire de Musique in Luxembourg and took a series of traditional portraits for the magazine. Towards the end of the session, we did some pictures with a slightly different viewpoint as the following photo shows …

Corporate Photography in Luxembourg by Stephen Roberts Photography









I was invited by ING Luxembourg to cover their annual Solidarity Awards, an event to recognize the good work of the various charitable bodies and associations in Luxembourg. One such commendable prizewinner was the Amicale vun der Schoul fir Assistenzhonn who offer support to the HandiChiens initiative which trains dogs to provide therapy to handicapped persons (more info at:

Corporate event photography in Luxembourg









Finally, I was honoured to be asked to photograph a very special guest at the British Ambassador’s Residence In Luxembourg. Santa was making a flying visit to Luxembourg and graciously allowed me to photograph him whilst he checked the list of British children resident in Luxembourg to make sure that they had behaved themselves during the year :)

Portrait of Santa in Luxembourg









So, as a very busy year draws to a close, I would like to wish all of my clients and blog followers a very Merry Christmas and a profitable New Year. I look forward to many more great photo sessions in 2014.


A Saturday Afternoon in the Photo Studio In Luxembourg

I spent this afternoon in the portrait studio in Luxembourg City going through selected photos with clients who had  been in for portrait photo sessions recently.

I always love to see the look on my clients’ faces when they see the photos projected large onscreen, especially if it is the first time that they have seen the images from their session.

Here is a picture of one side of the studio set up for an upcoming baby photo session, with my hilite white background, which also doubles up as a projector screen for photo viewings:

Portrait photo studio in Luxembourg










If you are interested in a portrait session in the studio in Luxembourg, give me a call on +352 621 265 611.